Parts Solutions are a trading company which provides machine parts and the toolings product. With the professional and the reliable service, we have already formed a close connections and relationships with many manufacturers and customers. Our customers are widely distributed. They are from metallic industrial, mechanical product, professional systems manufacturers, transportation manufacturers, electrical appliance, electronic devices and equipment, computer products, garment industries, printing and packaging industries, telecommunication and office products and etc.

Accumulate many years' operation and service experiment, we could offer you the best one-stop service.

Hong Kong and Mainland China are our major markets. We understand the need of our customers. We will always take care of them. Thus, most of our products are directly obtained from the manufacturers in order to increase the processing speed and provide the most precise service. We are hopefully serve you a ZERO loss on the production lines due to the delay of the replacement part and component. SPEED is our advantage in the market.

Parts and toolings are our major market amongst our products. We have a very competitive situation in the market. You are welcome to ask a quote. We understand that many manufacturers have been relocated to Mainland China V sometimes it is miles away from Hong Kong . We totally understand this situation. If you have any items needed in urgent, please contact us. We will send them to you by express delivery. Hope that we can provide you ZERO downtime service.


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